Learning & Teaching

Implementation of the current prescribed primary curriculum across the school will provide all students with a sequential curriculum framework that guides their learning. Students, teachers and parents will have the opportunity to review student performance against standardised learning outcomes.

Learning & Teaching

Teaching & Learning at St Patrick’s

Our aim is to improve student learning through the implementation of the curriculum across all year levels in a manner consistent with Government Policy and locally identified needs. An Annual School Improvement Plan (ASIP) will guide the successful implementation.

  • The St Patrick’s community will be kept informed of the curriculum through Newsletter “What is happening” items, parent Information nights and through School Board consultation.
  • Learning leaders will meet regularly and lead the staff in implementing the curriculum.
  • A strategic plan will incorporate a two year cycle during which all strands of the Victorian Curriculum will be covered. In consultation with Learning Leaders this cycle can be adapted to the changing needs of the class/year levels and the individual needs of students.
  • When planning curriculum, teachers will consider a range of teaching and learning styles and will be required to work as members of their respective year level teams. Each teacher will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of a balanced weekly and term planner.
  • Student achievement will be measured and reported to students, parents, CECV and the wider community via school reports, the annual report and the ACARA My School website.
  • Appropriate professional development opportunities will be provided for all staff to address the current needs of the school community.
  • Resources for the implementation of curriculum will be updated and audited as reqiured.

School Policies

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