One on one iPad information

At St Patricks Primary School our aim is to continually provide the most effective and relevant learning technologies for our students, providing them with the tools they require to most effectively deal with the challenges put before them. One on one leased iPads and BYOD have been introduced to encourage interactive learning for students in years 4 & 5.

One on one iPad information

One on one iPads & BYOD

Recent studies and experiences in schools around the world have shown that mobile, personal devices, such as the iPad, can be powerful tools for learning. While there are many mobile devices on the market, the iPad is the current market leader and at this time offers the best range of features and applications (apps) for education.

This information is designed to help parents with the introduction and management of their child’s device.  Cooperation with these instructions and the signed agreements is expected from all families.


Guides & iPad Manuals

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