Our School Community

St Patrick’s Primary School is part of the St Patrick’s Parish Community in Pakenham. We are very keen for new families to feel supported by this community and of course to participate in it in every way possible.

Our School Community

School Board

The School Board is the main formal advisory link with the school community. It consists of a number of elected representatives of the parents of the school, an elected member of the teaching staff, a nominee of the Parish, a nominee of the Principal, a representative of the Parents and Friends aswell as the Parish Priest and Principal.

Its function is to advise the Principal on matters related to the running of the school, school policy ratification, participation in school building programmes and any other issues which may arise.


Parents & Friends

The Parents and Friends of the school is open to membership by all parents at the school. Presently it has dual functions including fund raising and the very important social function. It organizes many fund raising and social events throughout the school year, including on a bi-annual basis, the St Patrick’s Fete.


Play Group

The Parish has a very successful play group which involves many current school families and a number of yet to be school families. Currently it operates on five mornings and Wednesday afternoons each week. It is an excellent way to begin making contacts within the school scene for new parents.

Numerous other community activities exist within the Parish including: Youth Group, Welcome Dinners, Bingo, International Food Night, St Patrick’s Day Celebrations, St Vinnies, and Trivia Nights.

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