WSAPBS Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour Support

At St Patrick’s we promote effective social and purposeful learning by creating a safe, respectful and cooperative school environment. Through predictable and consistent school wide behavioural learning expectations, we will empower, engage and support all members. WSAPB at St Patrick’s aims to support student well-being and individual learning outcomes within the school environment and through participation in the broader community. The school maintains a strong focus on the encouragement and development of appropriate behaviours. This focus is being developed on strong emphasis on teacher student relationships.

We believe positive teaching is a powerful behaviour support strategy when teaching our students important social competencies. We use our WSAPBS Matric which was developed alongside DOSCEL to explicitly teach the skills we want students to be able to demonstrate. Our behaviour matrix displays positive language and is underpinned by the core values of Respect, Safety, Cooperation and Resilience.

We recognise behaviour as a form of communication and we actively support students to modify their behaviour for social acceptance and safety.


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